Fritz Pollard

Fritz Pollard obtained his Real Estate Broker’s License in 1987 after graduating from Long Beach State University with a degree in Real Estate Finance. At the age of 23, he entered the business with a small real estate company as the youngest agent on the staff. Six months later Fritz moved to a growing Independent Real Estate Company, and after a 12-year career selling, Fritz moved into management in 1999. Fritz’s first project as a manager was taking over a branch that had lost $250,000 the previous year. Within two years that branch was back to generating a profit; this success was accomplished with extensive coaching, recruiting, and training of the real estate agents. Two years later Fritz moved to what would become the largest office in the same company, and in 2003 managed that office to number one in Listings, Volume, and 1600 Units closed.

Fritz’s next endeavor was taking a coaching, training, and speaking position with a National Coaching and Training Company. In eight years, and 15,000 coaching calls later, Fritz worked with some of the Nation’s top Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Fritz next joined in 2013 the Keller Williams MAP Coaching Team. Fritz is now a Head Coach, Executive Coach, and is deeply involved in building our amazing new MAPS Coaching Team. After some 80,000 coaching calls Fritz thrives around building high-performing teams with an emphasis on Profit and Performance.