denny grimes

Denny Grimes

Denny Grimes has 40 years of residential sales experience and is a respected real estate agent/expert. He runs a 7 th Level team in Naples Florida and a mega-agent expansion office in Fort Myers. From a production standpoint Denny and his team have sold over 6,000 homes worth well over $1 Billion dollars. Denny is an experienced real estate presenter and Maps BOLD Coach. He is the host of a biweekly TV news segment called “Real Estate Matters” that airs on a CBS affiliate. For the last 25 years Denny has been the keynote speaker at the News-Press Market Watch, which is the largest real estate forecasting event of it’s kind in the country. He is also one of the hosts of “RECON”, a daily role-play class that was established by MAPS and the creator of “The Mastery of Real Estate” YouTube channel. Denny is a dog lover, private pilot and a marathon runner.

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