Debra Pearlman

Debra is a Certified NLP Performance Coach based in Charleston, SC. Her approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. Debra helps clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

A performance coach and the founder of Hudson Valley Sales Training, LLC., a training and development consultancy with a passion for connecting people. Debra’s aim with her company is to deliver custom training, coaching and consulting to individuals and businesses globally, to improve personal and professional performance. was originally established to improve the innate ability of individuals for greater performance and success. This is achieved through enhancing their potential, developing greater connections and having deeper, more meaningful relationships in business and life.

Training and coaching professionals to up-skill themselves using industry leading techniques, Debra has been able to equip scores of professionals with the tools they need to succeed. By helping them develop their skills in multiple facets, they’re better able to engage with clients to provide greater value, increase satisfaction and ultimately, increase their revenue. Debra provides services through industry leading coaching, webinars and masterclasses, and truly has a wide variety of training programs in personal and professional development – on the most prevalent training topics.

Whether you are looking at training for your personal or professional development, or for the needs of your team or wider business, Debra can cater to your every need to achieve your most desired business outcomes.