David Jones

David has been in the Real Estate business for over 20 years, personally experiencing multiple market and economic shifts. David is a mega agent, has been a Team Leader in multiple markets, an OP for Multiple Market Centers in both the US and Mexico, a KW MAPS Mega agent and group Coach, has recruited over 2,000 agents, trained and coached over 10,000 agents, launched market centers, is an approved KWU Trainer, and as a BOLD Head Coach has delivered over 120 BOLD Experiences all over the US.

Although his favorite Role is being dad to his 2 amazing kids Cordelia (23) and Perry (19) and watching them grow up.

David’s tenacity and straightforward approach in coaching has transformed thousands of lives in real estate agents, challenging them to perform to high levels and truly create lives worth living.

David’s vast knowledge of every aspect of real estate is embodied in his coaching. David is exceptional at increasing agents’ productivity, creating systems that impact production and navigating through the challenges faced in increasing productivity.

His High-Energy “Can Do” approach will keep you always moving forward and growing. Most importantly David understands the significance of the journey. Simply put, David gets results.