Chris LaGarde

Chris LaGarde got his real estate license in 2006 in order to invest in property while he worked a full time job in technology. He quickly realized the income opportunity that real estate offers, and in 2007, he jumped in full time. “My first 2 years were not good! There were bills I didn’t pay”, Chris says. “It’s important to me that people know that things didn’t come naturally to me and I had to work really hard at it.”  

In 2009, that all changed. He took BOLD and sold 24 homes that year, and he began to envision starting his own team and 6 months later he launched his team. “If it weren’t for BOLD, I wouldn’t be in this business. It changed my life.”

Since that time, Chris has been on a never-ending growth journey to be the best he can be as an agent, leader, and coach. On that growth path, he recognized the significance of hiring. He subsequently took Career Visioning, the Keller Williams Hiring and Recruiting course, 14 times!  I This all led to having a consistently top performing team in the Chester County and south eastern PA area. 

After becoming the CEO of his team in 2017, he stepped out of production and was looking for his next challenge. As a MAPS Coach, he is widely known for coaching agents to become true business owners and helping them grow large and life giving businesses.  This aligns with his personal purpose of helping others find, create and pass on abundant life. “There is nothing more satisfying than to see a coaching client win in a way that makes the whole life better, not just their business.”  He does this by doing a deep dive on what is truly important to his clients about life and business and helping them develop and execute a plan to make that reality. 

Many times that involves understanding their profit and loss statement, establishing crucial tracking systems and building their team.  “Being self aware is a key to success,” explains LaGarde, and some of those tools include the KPA, Kolbe assessment, Enneagram, DISC, Strengths finder and more. 

When not coaching or running his business, he’s likely with his wife of over 20 years and his 4 kids He is also passionate about health, is an avid CrossFitter, highly values his spiritual life and is proud to be a part of a company that values God, Family and Business, in that order. 

Last, but not least, since 2020, Chris has been serving as as a leader on KWRI’s National Social Equity Task Force, which was created in response to Gary Keller’s letter following the murder of George Floyd.  “Serving in this capacity is one of the biggest honors of my life, as well as a responsibility I feel very heavily.”