Chris Briner not a coach

Chris BrinerChris Briner has been in real estate for six years, before which he owned his own landscaping company. Chris found instant success in real estate after joining forces with a friend and starting a team in 2013 which grew to become the top real estate team in his Market Center.

Over the course of four years of production, from 2013 to mid 2017, Chris had sold over 200 units at $50 Million in sales volume.

Raised in California, Chris spent the last 15 years living in Northern Idaho and in April of 2017 he relocated to Minnesota. He is now running 3 teams (two in Minnesota and one in Idaho) and counting.

When he’s not transforming lives through home ownership, he enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time outside whenever he can, with his wife Cari and their boys. Chris is driven, competitive, and thrives on helping others succeed.

Chris currently coaches Teams of the Future.