Cathy Naiser

In the summer of 2003, Cathy left a very successful 20 year career as a Middle School Band Director and began my Entrepreneurial Journey.  She had no steady income and cashed out her teaching retirement…getting a whopping $35,000 after taxes and penalties.

After doing a few odd things, she began “real estate investing”….the kind that says, I Can Buy Your House for Cash and then flips the contract to another investor.  It is called wholesaling.  She did it for a year and didn’t flip one house.  She did create over $30,000 in debt.  After a year of no results, Cathy found a coach.  She found the best real estate investor and asked for 30 minutes of his time.  He became her coach and in the next 12 months, I flipped 23 houses.

Later, she  transitioned to being a Realtor because she wanted to help people get the most for their houses, not ask them to give them away for pennies on the dollar.  After the 1st year in Real Estate, she made $69,000 and spent about $30,000 on business expenses.  That was 2007.  Then the market tanked.  Cathy had to make the business work.  She had no other option.  Cathy hired a coach at $1000 per month even though she could not afford it.  She was already $100,000 in debt.  In the next 12 months, working with a powerful coach, Cathy made $299,000 as the market was tanking and others were exiting the business.

Through the years, she worked as a solo agent and as a rainmaker of a small team.  She was privileged to be able to work with some of the best coaches in the industry. She followed the path of growth, working with great coaches and constantly working on learning to be a better leader.  As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index and as a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC, Cathy  learned and improved. She now has a passion for working with leaders of all kinds, helping them learn what she didn’t know back then.  Her desire is to help these leaders sidestep the deep gullies in the road that she hit over and over.

As a Performance Coach, Cathy focuses on both Mindset AND Production.  Cathy’s  Mission is to Empower the Planet one Leader at a time.  She is a coach, a speaker, a trainer, a wife and a grandma and she lives a happy life.  Cathy still has coaches of my own.  Her businesses are all thriving and she is living her life by design and growing constantly.