Cassie Lamoureux

Cassie Lamoureux grew up in the real estate business and has been selling Real Estate at Keller Williams since 2011.  Prior to that, Cassie was a property manager and assistant at Keller Williams, and spent several years helping  manage 100 single family home residences.  Cassie is an investor at her current market center located in Orlando Florida, and was a North Florida Cultural Icon in 2020.  Cassie is also involved in the local Real Estate Community and holds a state leadership position for Womens Council of REALTORS. Previously Cassie was the North Florida Regional ambassador for Keller Williams Global Property Specialist division.    

Cassie has spent years coaching champions in the martial arts community and is a 2nd degree certified Black Belt.  Cassie loves to pour into others helping them reach and exceed their goals in the real estate world and brings the integrity and indomitable spirit from her martial arts training into the mix.  Coaching agents and helping them reach their full potential is hugely rewarding for Cassie and she digs into learning, and growing on a regular basis so she can be the best coach for her coaching community as possible.

Cassie has managed and run a team since 2017, and knows the ups and downs of building and running a successful real estate team.  Cassie has strong knowledge in helping her clients be a strong solo agent with leverage, or someone looking to level up and start or grow their current team. Cassie loves to pour into others and attributes her success in life, and business to all of the great coaches in her life. 

In Her free time, Cassie loves to spend time with her two sons, and is often found at her beach residence.    Cassie often heads to the beach where she does her best deep work, reading and thinking!  Cassie Has two sons, Lucas and Gage.  Lucas is Cassie’s current assistant and his passion is making music , and Gage is going to college for Aerospace Engineering and his passion is astrophotography.  Cassie successfully has run a big business, all while being a single Mom including a few years where she home schooled.  Cassie is passionate about her coaching community and strives to bring them huge amounts of value to help them reach and exceed that next level!