Carlos Herran

Carlos is a fully bilingual real estate coach, consultant, and speaker. Carlos provides clarity for agents committed to growing their businesses and transforming their mindsets by teaching them how to identify and remove the barriers that prevent them from achieving their desired success.

For six years, he sold Real Estate in Los Angeles as a single agent and as a Listing Specialist. With a winning personality and a knack for making people feel at ease, Carlos was able to help sellers accomplish their goals in 2008 during one of the most challenging markets the industry has experienced. Carlos has an acting background which makes him highly skilled in his ability to help his clients learn and implement scripts in the most natural way. 

Carlos has been coaching full-time for the past 11 years accumulating over 10,000 hours of experience, with clients ranging from single agents to teams, Regional Directors, Operating Principals, and Team Leaders from the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.