Brad Warriner

Brad Warriner has nearly twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. He has been a leader in the MCA community for nearly ten years and a MAPS Mastery coach for seven years. Brad’s current passion is studying the most profitable Market Centers and helping leaders break through past ceilings of achievement and build their own path toward a Million Dollar Market Center!  

He started with Keller Williams in 2013 as the Market Center Administrator in Overland Park, Kansas. In the three years that Brad served as its MCA, the office more than doubled its agent count, sales volume, and Owner Profit. Brad puts this experience to work for his clients, by helping them develop systems that support Market Center growth. He also learned how to grow himself from being an MCA that does all the daily processing himself, to become the MCA that led a team and had time to add value in other ways. 

Since leaving the MCA role, Brad has served as an Operations Manager and General Manager over multiple Market Centers. In that capacity, he hired and supervised Team Leaders. He also helped to launch a Market Center. Brad has been interviewed with his Market Center team at Family Reunion. He has presented training at the Regional level, facilitated and participated in panels, and co-facilitated Masterminds for MCAs at several national events. 

Brad became a full-time MAPS Leadership Coach in 2015, while serving as the MCA of Overland Park. The experience he has had as a Market Center leader, and as a coach for offices in markets across the country, provides him with a unique perspective. He actively conducts his own Market Center research to create models that will help others achieve greater profit. 

When not on coaching calls or pouring over trend reports, financial statements, and spreadsheets, Brad is usually at home with his wife of nearly 30 years, and his 2 children. He loves to spend weekends reading books on his patio with a cup of coffee, and taking his young daughter to breakfast and her favorite rock climbing gym. Ask him to show you pictures of her climbing!