Ana Swanson

Ana is a 30-year Real Estate veteran who, along with her husband, owns a level 6 team with an expansion partner. Swanson Realty Group generates over 1.6 million in GCI annually and is continuing to grow. They have built their business through consistent training and empowerment of great agents and administrators. Ana’s specialties include Luxury real estate, new residential development, onsite builder sales and urban infill properties. She is the perfect coach for spouse or partner teams, individual agents, single parents, and divorced agents who desire to build a profitable team or start an expansion office.

Ana is a faithful Christian, well versed in 12-step recovery programs, fluent in English and Spanish, and is a master of KW and MAPS systems and scripts. This along
with her well-rounded and expansive real estate knowledge help her clients make the best decisions for their specific needs and transform their businesses and lives to levels they have only imagined before. Ana’s philosophy: “I take a hands-on approach as a professional coach, live up to my word, and I am truly vested in helping my clients set and achieve incredible goals while still keeping God and family, their number one priority.”

Ana and her husband John have 6 grown children, a granddaughter on the way and 2 furries. They support many charities and receive much joy from giving back to those in need. They enjoy traveling, snow skiing and nature. They own profitable investment properties and are part of Gary Keller’s Master Minds group.