Alyce Dailey

Alyce Dailey is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, community builder, and the ultimate Girl Mom raising four wildly adventurous daughters while running multiple businesses alongside her husband, Seth.

Alyce has won numerous awards from The Daily Record and SmartCEO magazine for her leadership in the business community, yet as she has traveled across the country to conferences, masterminds, and retreats, the number one question she’s been asked over the years is: “How have you managed to raise such amazing girls?”

Hint: it wasn’t luck.

Raising daughters to be upstanding, courageous women takes intentional hard work and heart work. She can trace every remarkable, risky initiative tackled as a mom to something she calls MAGIC.

Coach Alyce started the MAGIC Momhood community because she believes being a Mom is the most entrepreneurial venture on the planet. So many moms feel like they’re inadequate to do the job set before them, but she is here to offer hope. You are not inadequate—you’re just ill-equipped. And there’s a world of difference between the two.

Alyce was once ill-equipped too, which is why she is so passionate about sharing the MAGIC system to help you design a life you love, coach your daughter to do the same, and develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with her along the way.