Ali Van Westenberg

Realtor, Market Center Investor, and MAPS Coach Ali van Westenberg has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. She has sold over 3200 properties and owns over 40 properties. Along with being on Gary Keller’s Top 100 for 3 years, Ali’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to her creating businesses of her own.

Through education, accountability, and personal experience, Ali’s vision is to train innovative experts on how to achieve their real estate dreams. Ali’s line of expertise includes how to successfully expand your business through building a team, including hiring and firing. She has created a highly attended Lead Generation Clinic where she teaches scripts and dialogues, how to organize systems, and implement proven models. Her wealth building experience is supported by diligent net worth and P&L tracking. Ali’s coaching clients will also benefit from her strategies on how to get through tough markets similar to that of 2007. 

Ali’s extensive real estate knowledge, experience, work ethic, generosity, and loyalty, make her a desirable leader and role model.