Alan Strange

If ‘Trial By Fire’ was a person it’s Alan Strange.  Not only has he sat in every seat on the bus in the real estate business he has done it with levity and with perseverance.  His superpower is the ability to defuse tense situations.  That came in handy as a Paramedic in Florida where he worked as a Charge Medic for a 911 EMS System.    Alan was born in Boulder, Colorado, and raised in Ft. Myers, Florida, on the gulf coast. While growing up in Florida he worked as a paramedic, and continued to vacation in Colorado taking advantage of the ski season during the winters and the hiking weather during the summers.  After marrying in 1997, Alan and his wife Heidi moved back to Colorado in 2000. Since then, they have had 3 children, two boys and a girl. 

Family is vitally important to Alan so it only makes sense that he is now able to help other families with their Real Estate goals.  Alan started buying and selling real estate shortly after moving back to Colorado. First working with his family’s mortgage company and then  obtaining his Broker’s license in 2004. Every time he hit a plateau in his business he discovered it was a missing relationship that was the key in reaching the next step.  The biggest catalyst was hiring his coach in 2012.  He became a MAPS coach in 2016 after discovering the impact that having a coach had on his business as well as his ability to counterbalance his personal life.  

This background and experience has allowed him to be the CEO of an MREA team that perennially sells over 150 homes.  This has created opportunities of which he never dreamed.  This is the fuel that propels him to help others do the same.