Adrienne Usher

Adrienne Usher joined Keller Williams in 2014 as an Assistant MCA in the Overland Park, Kansas Market Center where she served for 2 years then took the helm as MCA in 2016. She led this top-performing office in the Greater Heartland Region to a level of production topping $1 Billion in volume annually for the last five consecutive years. The agent count grew from 255 to over 550 in her time there. She made several key hires and led a successful team of leaders by following the KW Leverage model closely. Because of her accomplishments she has earned many opportunities to share on stage with other MCA’s and leaders at national and regional events including Family Reunion, Mega Camp, etc.

In the fall of 2020, Adrienne left the full-time MCA role to move closer to her family and dedicate herself as a full-time MAPS Coach.

Her clients include Market Center Directors of Operations, Market Center Administrators, Directors of Agent Services, and Mega Agent Team Directors of Operations. Her ideal client is one ready to grow, accept new challenges, and find the alignment and harmony needed to master their role. Her expertise is specifically in the operations and leadership side of the role as well as in the critical financial responsibilities.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT – Adrienne works with the client to tame the whirlwind and manage their time in their demanding roles using tools like the GPS, the 4-1-1 and Time Blocking.
  • RETENTION SYSTEMS – Adrienne supports the client in fortifying or creating systems to retain existing and newly-recruited agents.
  • ORG CHART – Adrienne coaches the client to lead their teams with emotional intelligence and grow consistently as they lead. Assist organizations with both Director of Operations and MCA (or who need to transition to this model) on effective leverage and delegation of responsibilities.
    • She offers clear and frequent communication with the Market Center OP and/or other MC leadership to discuss coaching goals & client progress
    • She holds a private Facebook group for collaboration & multiple resources for clients
    • She is available to the client between calls as needed for support
    • She has availability to assist market centers with the Career Visioning process of staff hires as needed
    • She facilitates classes in the Market Center as needed (i.e. 4-1-1, the Six Personal Perspectives, Business Planning Clinic, etc.)