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A Life by Design

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BOLD is an unforgettable, life-changing coaching experience that is exactly what the name implies: BOLD. The objective of a business is to support your life by design and since its inception in 2011, BOLD has been the go-to program for ambitious agents, new and seasoned. Leaders enroll in the program again and again, no matter the market. BOLD is their key to growing a sustainable, predictable business.

This 7-step program combines valuable, fundamental teachings with community support. Accountability practices accelerate agents’ growth in production. Held over the course of two months, four times per year, BOLD puts participants on the path to consistent achievement.

Whether you are looking to meet personal or professional goals, BOLD changes lives. After all, an agent’s business only grows to the extent that they do.

So, let’s grow together. Be BOLD.

BOLD is a high-energy, high-impact course supported by community and accountability.

As every agent is different, every BOLD experience will be different. Agents will dive into the fundamental teachings of Gary Keller’s industry-leading book, the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. They will receive tailored, strategic advice based on the current, ever-changing market.

BOLD is designed to help agents navigate and thrive in market shifts. BOLD Coaches are experts, trained to create a safe place for you to challenge your mindset. They lead you to break through any ceilings in your business and personal life.

In this program, expect to unlock countless resources. Each designed to help you develop the skills to achieve your goals, step-by-step agents see an increase in production.

  • Reset Your Mindset 
  • Leverage Database
  • Practice Role Play
  • Implement New Techniques
  • Re-engage Your Lead Pipeline

With BOLD, there are zero limitations to what you can achieve!

Like a good book, BOLD teaches you something new every time. Coveted amongst even the highest leaders in the company, BOLD is for everyone.

If you’re a veteran in the industry and your business has plateaued, BOLD will help you navigate from E to P.

If you’re having a personal struggle that is holding you back from success, BOLD will help you break through.

If you’re new to the industry and are hungry for expert tips and exclusive resources, BOLD will deliver. It consists of exercises to put skills and systems into practice to help you rise up through the ranks.

BOLD is for those committed to being present, engaged, and willing to put in the work!

You are already one step closer. Change your future and become the leader you’ve always imagined yourself to be. Join BOLD. Find a BOLD location near you and register!

BOLD Coaching Overview

Who Qualifies

KW, KWRI & Family, KW Recruits


$799 In-Person
$399 Digital


Classroom & Digital

Time Commitment


The Keller Williams Solution

For Leaders

With the market always shifting, it’s vital for leaders to be BOLD. Stay focused on the four fundamentals: culture, productivity, profitability, and retention.

BOLD supports Keller Williams Market Centers by maintaining and building successful teams to help your associates live boldly.

For Agents

BOLD is the move for new and seasoned agents looking to raise the bar.

With each step of the program, agents create life-long positive habits. They build on their unique skill sets to create a business and life that they demand.

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BOLD Testimonials

"BOLD has exponentially increased my business every time I've taken it. I'm now doing 5 to 10 millions dollars a year - all thanks to BOLD."

Brette Campbell

BOLD Testimonials

"When I first started, I closed, give-or-take, 45 units. I could not have done this alone. My experience with BOLD is something I will do every single year just because of what it has done for my life personally and my career."

Jaime Gonzalez

BOLD Testimonials

"I took 22 listings in one month and 45 over the course of 90 days. Paid off all my debt and it changed the scope of my career!"

Aubrey Bailey
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