Leadership FAQs

Fill out our Host a BOLD form! Once completed, our BOLD Growth Advisor will reach out to you with further details.

All materials for the classroom experience will be delivered to the Host Market Center. The BOLD Coordinator/Market Center Leadership will be responsible for ensuring that the materials arrive at the venue where BOLD is being hosted.

Our minimum standard for a BOLD location is 50 registrations to ensure that the energy in the room supports a productive and engaged environment. If you have any questions or concerns around hitting this standard, please reach out to

All Leadership use the same registration link as agents to register. Please connect with your BOLD Coach to confirm any additional registration details specific to Leadership.

Yes! We love to welcome recruits into the BOLD room. They are able to register using the same registration link for your location. Please reach out to your BOLD Coach to confirm any additional registration details specific to recruits.

Yes! Please reach out to your BOLD Coach or email for access to our “Bet on BOLD: Leadership Toolbox”. You can also find this as a SmartPlan in KWCommand.

Agent FAQs

The day and time of BOLD are specific to each location. Find your location to confirm the day, time and location! Classroom sessions are 5.5 hours once a week, while digital sessions are 3 hours once a week.

Homework emails are scheduled to go out the afternoon of each BOLD step, typically around 3:30 PM local time.

All classroom sessions are held in person at the venue specified in your “Know Before You Go” email. Digital sessions are hosted on Zoom and the direct link is available in the “Know Before You Go” email.

Our BOLD Coaches work hard to create an environment where people feel safe to breakdown to break through. In efforts to support this environment for all participants, BOLD sessions are not recorded.

Please reach out to your Market Center Leadership to let them know you are interested in BOLD! BOLD locations are created based on a request from your Market Center Leadership.

All classroom materials will be available onsite at the venue. Early bird BOLD registrations may receive their materials at First Step to BOLD. All other attendees will receive their printed materials at Step 2. First Step to BOLD Materials will be delivered digitally in the “Know Before You Go” email.

Our digital attendees can access their materials through the “Know Before You Go” and “Homework” emails that are sent throughout the program.

If you experience challenges accessing the materials, please reach out to

Foul redemption is outlined in your BOLD materials at the end of each step. Check out the manual to confirm how to redeem a foul!

Please email our KW MAPS Coaching team at

Please ensure you are checking your spam folder. If you are still experiencing challenges, please reach out to

  • Ensure you are signed into your Zoom account; this can be a free account. Click here for instructions on how to create a Zoom account.
  • Ensure Zoom is downloaded to your computer and you are logged into the account. This does not need to be the same email you used to register for BOLD.
  • Confirm that you have the newest/updated version of Zoom downloaded. Click here to get information on the latest version.
  • Sign into Zoom from your computer OR your phone; you will need to choose one option.

If you are still experiencing challenges, please reach out to