Life Coach Qualifications

Candidates must meet the following basic qualifications and standards of performance to be considered.

Life Coach Qualifications
  • An ideal Life Coach candidate will possess specific methodologies which allow clients to work through life events.
  • At least 100 hours of verifiable coaching experience.
  • Ideally the candidate will have specialized training in the life circles of the Seven Circles – (personal life, health, key relationships, spiritual).
  • Coach may have a focused niche area of concentration (Divorce, Parenting, Grief, Recovery, Behaviors, Trauma, Health).
  • ICF Certified or Trained (training program must have been completed in its entirety).
  • Current/Previous professional life coaching experience.
  • Experienced Master Practitioner Level NLP with an approved trainer. List of approved NLP Training are below.
  • Must be willing to coach a minimum of 15 clients.
  • Has attended or is scheduled to attend CSC and Advanced CSC at least once.
  • Has attended or is scheduled to attend NLP Training Camp at least once.

Release With MER® Coach Qualifications

  • Must have completed the vetting process of interview, credential verification and competency.
  • Must be a Certified Master NLP Practitioner with 5+ years facilitation experience or comparable hours (100 hours minimum), and/or has attended the NLP Training Camp & NLP Training Camp Advanced
  • Has attended NLP Training Camp
  • Must NOT be on a CAP
  • Must be in good standing with MAPS and Cadre/HC
  • Must be in good standing with AIP (Association for Integrative Psychology) 
  • Must carry Professional Liability Insurance for NLP
Approved NLP Trainings