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30-60-90 is our highest intensity group coaching program designed to remove any and all distractions that stand in the way of agents achieving their goals. In 90 days, agents will actively focus on what’s truly necessary for their business. Each program is customized to match the unique needs of each individual within the small group and tailored to reflect the ever-changing nature of the real estate market.

Unlike our other KW MAPS programs, there are zero requirements to join 30-60-90. Everyone from Team Leaders and Service Coordinators to Directors of Operations and General Managers have taken 30-60-90 programs and improved their business using the sought-after fundamentals from each course.

Each day, each week, and each month of your 30-60-90 program will be different. The program is catered to each individual group, with various course materials, daily tasks, and homework assignments that are developed to help you grow your business and lead an organization long-term. 

During the week, agents will take part in curated training, including dialogue guidance, role playing, and more.

Get ready to master the fundamentals of your role and join the almost 400 agents who have thrived in the 30-60-90 Group Coaching Program. Say goodbye to your comfort zone and welcome in a new area of success.

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30-60-90 Coaching Overview

What’s Included

Daily Tasks


$2,500/ Month (Only for 3 months)


Small Group Sessions

Time Commitment

60 Sessions
90 Days

Choose Your 30-60-90 Path

Buyer Agent


Designed to get newly hired Buyer Agents into production and meet a 2 closing per month standard by the end of the 90 day program.

Program Details for Buyer Agent

Director of Operations


This program empowers future operations leaders to create and execute revenue-driven goals, oversee and implement systems and support an entire Real Estate Team.

Program Details for Director of Operations

Listing Agent


An intense 90 day program designed to get listing agents in production and train them to have an in-depth understanding of lead generation strategies, negotiation tactics, closing methods, and more!.

Program Details for Listing Agent

Market Center Administrator


This program is created for any MCA or Operational/Financial Leader to create and implement systems to support Agents and Leaders, and help build a successful Market Center

Program Details for Market Center Administrator

Pipeline Growth


Ideal course for a agents ready to convert an existing database at the highest level and troubleshoot limiting beliefs and system gaps keeping them from their goals.

Program Details for Pipeline Growth

Productivity Coach


This 90 day program is ideal for new or seasoned Productivity Coaches. In 90 days the PC’s will focus on recruiting and motivating new agents to their fullest potential and driving market center profitability.

Program Details for Productivity Coach

Team Leader


This product is for Active Team Leaders, Assistant Team Leaders, Directors of Growth or new hires into these roles looking for a fundamental starting place or simple reset in the simple activities and systems of growth and leadership. It will include daily live training, role play, and high-level accountability with number tracking.

Program Details for Team Leader



This 90 Day program will provide a high level of practical application and accountability on how to use KW Command and the Applications associated with it to increase your database, set more appointments, close more deals and generate additional GCI.

Program Details for Tech

30.60.90 Testimonials

“This was not just a course – this truly was a journey of growth and enlightenment. I have grown more in the last 90 days than I can remember in the last 7 years with Keller Williams. I am walking away from PC 30.60.90 empowered and driven with a clear goal and vision for the future of our program.”

Shanna Bluml

I have grown more in the last 90 days than I can remember in the last 7 years with Keller Williams.”


30.60.90 Testimonials

“The TL 30.60.90 program has been life-changing for me. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable on so many levels. I have the resources, structure and mindset needed to grow my market center and agents’ businesses to the highest level.”

Jamie Herring

The TL 30.60.90 program has been life-changing for me.”


30.60.90 Testimonials

“I’ve been with KW for seven years. I started as an AMCA and have been an MCA for five years now. I feel pretty confident that I’m good at my role and this course helped me level up to be even more systematized, strategic, and purposeful. Every MCA should participate in 30.60.90 Coaching!”

Rachel Heath

MCA 30.60.90 helped me level up to be even more systematized, strategic, and purposeful”


30.60.90 Testimonials

“MCA 30-60-90 class provided invaluable insights and tools for improving our Market Center. From creating weekly systems to learning from other MCAs, it was a game-changer. It’s exactly what I needed to focus and lead effectively. If you’re on the fence, take it – it benefits not just you, but the entire market center.”

Mark Adams
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Why Choose 30-60-90


Learn from well-versed, experienced coaches with years of experience using their tailored curriculum.


Learn how to accomplish current goals in the present, and set even bigger ones for the future.


At its core, 30-60-90 will keep you motivated with high-intensity accountability and weekly support from both coaches and fellow agents.


By the end of the 90 days, you will know what you want and how to achieve it.